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Re: [tlug] Recovering Data from a Dead Tablet

> her one-hour commutes.  She fell asleep on the train the other night and 
> dropped the tablet, cracking the screen glass through.  It now doesn't 
> boot.

Is the failure to boot due to the screen problem? (Touchscreen?) Or do
you suspect multiple fatal injuries? I.e. if the screen was repaired,
would it come back to life...


P.S. I sat on my beloved Nexus 7, and wanted to get some files off. In
my case it would start, I could see through the cracked glass, but touch
was dead so I couldn't log in. The frustrating bit was without logging
in, the USB connection to the computer (that would've given me access to
the files) was not being allowed.
(There is no useful conclusion to the story: I didn't try getting it
repaired, as whatever was on there was not worth the cost; I also never
tried opening it up.)

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