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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

> On Jun 30, 2017, at 10:08, dblomber <> wrote:
>> And how much money would it have cost to lift those generators up and install them on the roof?
> Just a thought here. If the generators were put on the roof, and the 
> reactor was leaking radiation, for some reason, there would be no access 
> to the generators for servicing them.

Every nuclear power plant has several buildings, not only the reactor building.

> It is always easy to criticize, but I just do not have the 
> technical details on the design to say more than it "Appears" to be 
> poorly planned, to say it was stupid design

I didn't say it was stupidity. I expressly said it could not have been stupidity.

> Even the best 
> designs do fail, was this a systems failure, or was it idioticy in action?

A design that fails so spectacularly as the Fukushima plant on the backup power cannot possibly have been an oversight nor stupidity. It was deliberate. They knew this would happen in the event of flooding and they simply accepted the risk to save a bit of money.

In fact several experts/engineers have come forward, both foreign and Japanese who had warned TEPCO in writing on a number of safety issues on Fukushima and other Japanese plants and they were ignored. This has been widely reported by reliable news media in the one or two years after the disaster.

The attitude at TEPCO was sloppy, they did not care about safety. It has nothing to do with technical incompetence, oversight or idiocy. It had all to do with negligent and greedy managers.

And this was precisely my point:

It has nothing to do with technical issues. The business side was the problem.


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