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Re: [tlug] Any recommended hotel/hostel for Gaijin-san in Tokyo

On 05/25/2017 02:41 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
Which, apparently is at Tokyo Big Sight. I.e. S.E. Tokyo. There are
plenty of business hotels near Shinagawa, IIRC; and probably a good
selection even closer.

Indeed. At least two 3-star (by good Japanese standards), "SunRoute" and "Washington" I can tell you about around the complex. Prepare for JPY10k / day plus if you get lucky though.

Personally I'd rather spend 1000 yen/night more on a hotel that is
close, than spend 30-60 minutes each direction commuting from somewhere
further afield (which might also be an extra 500 yen each way on the
train). Or close to where the evening social events will be. You'll
enjoy the trip more if you don't have to worry about when last train is,
or budget 5000 yen for a taxi home.

Ah! Don't tell fellow Briton that. I respectfully disagree.

I do Big Sight exhibitions once a year and the crowded commute is part of the Tokyo experience for a much more interesting evening and beyond elsewhere.

I would very much learn about his findings on the AirBnB side of things. I may or may not review then my sense that AirBnB isn't particularly "a good deal" in Tokyo.

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