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Re: [tlug] Any recommended hotel/hostel for Gaijin-san in Tokyo

There's a hostel in my neighborhood that seems nice and for a reasonable price. I walk by it from time to time and have stopped at the downstairs bar once or twice. It's called 'UNPLAN' [].

I would like to also turn the conversation towards the politics of APA and Nanjing since it has been recommended. I used to like APA -- they generally have very reasonable prices and a good value over all. But I stayed at an APA nearly two years ago and saw the book that caused the controversy, and I can say it was as offensive as any anti-semitic holocaust denials you might imagine finding in a neo-nazi hotel. It was certainly enough for me to immediately demand a refund and to refuse to ever stay there again. You all can of course make your own choices. :-)

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 8:35 AM, Jens John <> wrote:
I have had good experience – clean, consistent quality, relatively good
price/value ratio – with APA business hotels.

Rates vary quite considerably depending on the location, though there's
lots of them scattered across Tokyo. It's not exactly cheap, but usually
70,00-13,000 JPY.

I can recommend the one called 京成上野駅前, they have rooms with park
view and are located in a side street so it's almost as quiet as it can
get. Extra: Straight connection Narita Sky Access. Stayed there twice

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