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[tlug] Linux Mint 18 window behaviour

Probably an elementary question, but having moved to a new installation of Mint there are various annoying things that I can't control, or rather can't find where to look to find out how.

(1) In response to a probably involuntary action by me (failing to hold the mouse exactly steady, accidentally touching a key, whatever), there is a silly sound, and the window I am looking at resizes to the top half of the screen. I never want this to happen, so where can I look to turn it off?

(2) Margins on printing. This is a wide-ranging problem, that lots of people are trying to be terribly helpful, so when they are responsible for processing a page image, they add some margin. I want to be able to control things myself, so for example if I have a piece of music (in Musescore) with the Page Margins set to 10mm all around, then I want the PDF generated, and the sheet printed to have 10mm margins all round. Same with page images generated in HTML. I seem to spend amazing amounts of time, and wasted ink/paper, just going round trying to kill settings, in the printer, the paper selection, the browser, etc. Does anyone have any brilliant thoughts on a way of avoiding this? For example, I wish the paper size to be A4 (which is the size of the physical paper), not "A4-with-some-ideas-about-leaving-extra-margin".

Grateful for any suggestions.
Brian Chandler

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