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Re: [tlug] Linode DDOS postmortem

On 01/31/2016 02:09 AM, Charles Muller wrote:
Dear TLUGers,

Just in case you haven't seen this yet, Linode has provided a very
complete (and for me, confidence-inspiring) report of their handling
recent attacks on their system.

Skimming through, I appreciate sincere words acknowledging that connectivity was fragile, that is, they haven't had full control to their "tier 1". It was targeted during the holidays, maybe more insider's work than we might think.

But it's PR damage contol to me now that people realize most infrastructures are just vulnerable even with all patches applied, best practices in place and a monkey looking at a screen 24/7.

One thing, I've seen outbreaks of phishing and general sh*t passing through "LiNode" coming to my shores in 2015 and they were promptly reported and their staff seemed to respond responsibly. Maybe that came with a price for "LiNode" in retaliation. Ask "CloudFare" and the likes what's part of their mitigation technology... They're plain cyber-criminal-friendly.

Many times "FBI" officials spoke about giving up trying to crack places like Ukraine with just not enough international legislation and the current affairs of corruption in such places. I can speak for my native Brazil, where they have to elect things with just not enough resources to fight back, in this case, giving priority to child pornography.

Saying things like "future looks bright" to "LiNode" is way too much wishful thinking to me as I can only see bigger and bigger challenges for us in this field.

Regards, Fernando.

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