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[tlug] Couple of Opportunities for US Citizens

Nuthin' to do with me, but ...

CACI, a military contractor, is looking for a SysAdmin and a Subject Matter expert for systems in Japan.  I'm mentioning them here because they're extremely stable positions and they're the first positions of this type I've seen offered in Japan that allow you to obtain a TS/SCI + polygraph clearance and don't require you to already have them (those clearances are extremely hard to come by and you're usually required to have them before you are even allowed to apply).

They're looking for very specific skill sets and specific lengths of prior experience.  MSCA and Unix creds are usually sought (or proof that they're attainable) in some form or another.  They prefer US Citizens.  Extra points for being a vet.  Extra-extra points for being a wounded or disabled vet. 

If you're interested and think you may qualify, go to

and search for:

Subject Matter Expert V
Job Requisition Number: 95212


Systems Administrator
Job Requisition Number: 52063

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