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Re: [tlug] english -> japanese rikaichan-like app

Hi Steve,

On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 11:44 PM, steve <> wrote:
> I know this is off topic but if any one knows if something like this
> exists, it's you guys.
> I have a friend trying to learn English and she is suffering Rikaichan
> envy.  Is there an app like Rikaichan that goes from English to
> Japanese.  I've googled a bit but didn't find anything that looked likely.

Honestly, electronic dictionaries are very good with that.  I mean, in
terms of highlighting a word and jumping to a dictionary.  I hope they
are still being made -- nothing says "Serious learner of Japanese (or
English)" than carrying one of those around or having one opened up in
the library / coffee shop!  :-)

Without the jump feature and as just a dictionary, I found ColorDict
to be useful.

Has your friend tried installing Firefox on her phone?  I wonder if
Add-ons such as Rikaichan work on the phone version of FIrefox?


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