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Re: [tlug] 2x 4K display as remote Linux desktop

Hi Kalin,

We have a few 4K remote display systems where I work.  It's not exactly what you're looking at, as our workstation "servers" are normally used exclusively by one user (blades or workstations with high end quadro cards/etc)... remote connections are from standard Lenovo laptops running windows...

We use HP Remote Graphics (sender/receiver) - as this is handles 3d content on remote connections very well (you can adjust the fidelity to control bandwidth usage).  Some users prefer vnc for non-3d use.  Personally, I prefer nomachine (nx) - pretty good on slow connections.

We don't have anything setup with that many screens ;)  But we do have one mini vis room with 2 x 84" 4k displays (uses a HP z workstation - connects remotely to linux blades using HP Remote Graphics).  Most of the users just have dual 30" panels on their desks and use HPRG.

1GB to the server for 12 users sounds like pain (individual users no worries - but the server?  I guess it all depends on what they're looking at... would have the server on a dual link at least)....

Anyway, not exactly what you're after, but maybe some useful info?



On 6 April 2015 at 16:40, Kalin KOZHUHAROV <> wrote:

I have been toying with this idea for quite some time, but finally I
have a 4K display (one) and 4K output-capable PC to start testing.
Below is a quick braindump, I'd appreciate any pointers, comments and
hands-on experience.

::: the idea
I am trying to set up a lab/analysis environment for about 12 people
(security/digital forensics), each seat consisting of 2x 4K@60Hz  40"
displays (PHILIPS BDM4065UC/11, 9man on and some machine
capable of driving those (via 2xDP), with keyboard and mouse
connected, possibly USB. Machines will be disk-less (PXE boot) or some
local RO media (USB) in the worst case. People will login remote
server(s) and have all their settings stored there. I remember we had
similar setup in the uni (circa 2001) with a single SunOS workstation
and X-terminals for 100 people. Of course it wasn't 2x4K :-)

::: hardware
I couldn't find any thin/zero-clients (hardware) that support even
single 4K, is that just market (lack there of)?
A simple gen4 Core Intel CPU should be fine (not planning on anything 3D-heavy).

Currently, I am thinking of Shuttle DS81 with 16GB RAM and Core i5 as box.
Alternatively Intel  NUC5i5MYHE with 16GB.

::: software
Not really a lot of research here, since most of the time I use simple
X11 forwarding via ssh to display remote windows on my local running X
session. Next on my todo list is to start using xpra.

::: network
Planning to use 1Gbps network, dual at most (10G is too expensive). My
gut feeling is that having local GB flat network for 12 people will
not be a bottleneck, but... I need to find a way to calculate (likely
test) what will video streaming look like, but ballpark figure of
32Mbps (4K@60Hz) seems good, so even 12 people x 2 displays (assuming
servers can cope) is like 768Mbps and may be fine on 1Gbps network
with single interfaces.

::: other
Mounting those 40" displays will be a bit of a challenge, but I plan
to bolt them vertically next to each other on a steel wall/partition
with a short arm and little flexibility (up/down tilt). Finding a way
to get them "below the table line" may prove helpful. Any ideas,
pictures - highly appreciated!
Given 24x4K displays, it is obvious a good challenge to make big/dense
video wall (gathering displays together) ;-) Anybody did that before?

::: some questions
1. Are you / have you used similar remote Linux desktop?
2. Any idea about required networking performance?
3. Any experience with X video walls?


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