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Re: [tlug] Looking for Summer Internship in Japan


On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 7:12 AM, Ryutaro Morgan <> wrote:
> My name is Ryutaro Morgan and I am a college student from Portland, Oregon,
> USA. I am currently looking for an internship in Japan this summer and I was
> wondering if any members in the group are looking for summer interns at the
> moment?

After this long thread, something suddenly came to mind.  Perhaps not
something for interns and you missed the American deadlines anyway,
but consider attending this job fair in the future:

I went to one many, many years ago -- back before I ever saw Japan and
possessed a Japanese level a tad higher than hiragana and katakana.

I found out the hard way [i.e., total embarrassment] that if you don't
have a "reasonable" level of Japanese, you're wasting your time.

Back then, it was held in just San Francisco and Boston (and maybe
Tokyo).  I'm surprised it has expanded to so many cities.

Anyway, it might be useful to you some day.


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