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Re: [tlug] Android, bluetooth and IME

Hi Darren,

On 2015年02月26日 09:50, Darren Cook wrote:
> I just tried out connecting a bluetooth keyboard (Buffalo, with built-in
> mini mousepad (*)) to my Nexus 7 (which is on Android 4.4). It works,
> but I cannot input Japanese.

Perhaps the dual features (keyboard and mouse) are causing the problem...
 I have a desktop system that uses a wireless keyboard (Logicool) that has
a feature where a single USB dongle can be paired with both a keyboard and
a mouse.  It therefore does not advertise itself as a keyboard to the OS;
it is a hub through which a keyboard and mouse may be connected.  The
system (Debian) is configured to use a Japanese keyboard, and it works
fine in the console, but X defaults to a US layout when it cannot be
certain that it is a keyboard!  (It took me an embarrassing amount of time
to determine the issue, as my initial symptom was inability to login due
to symbols in my password; password characters are not displayed on the
screen, so it took me some time before I realized it was a keyboard
issue.)  After failing to resolve the issue in my xorg.conf, I ended up
giving up on doing it "correctly" and simply added an overriding command
in my display manager.

If you are indeed experiencing a similar issue, then I suspect that it
cannot be solved via the usual settings...  If you feel like digging
deeper, here are some references:


> I've got the keyboard set to ja layout, iWnn IME. (In the iWnn IME
> settings, not the bluetooth ones, it was set to "emoji", I just changed
> to "japanese", but no luck.)

FYI: I have a bluetooth keyboard [1] that I use with my phone, running
Android 4.4.4, and Japanese works fine [2].  The standard setting was all
that was required:

| Language & keyboard
| Physical Keyboard
| [Keyboard Model]
| Japanese - iWnn IME

> Is there a way to use the ja layout keyboard with google Japanese IME?

I have never tried the Google Japanese IME, but the feature list claims
「日本語ハードウェアキーボードのレイアウト情報を同梱しました」 [3].

Cheers, Travis


[2] My only pain point is the Alt+Space shortcut, which is easy to trigger
by accident when typing quickly.  I have not found a way to disable it. :|


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