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Re: [tlug] [OT] Sayonara <strike>sale</strike> give away

Rumor has it that Keith has one of those special Deloreans... ;)

It's funny how That Day comes along. I thought for years that I'd be a lifer, until I wasn't. I've now been back on the Outside for half again as long as the eight years I spent in Japan, making me a virtual TLUGger for much, much longer than I was a meatspace one.


On 12/19/2014 06:50 PM, Dave Evans wrote:
Hi Keith!

    Wow, so you will be leaving Japan?  I keep on thinking that there
will be plenty of time to get together, and of course, there never is.

    We don't particularly need any more stuff (we probably need to get
rid of some stuff ourselves) but we can't make it on Sunday anyway.

    Are you really leaving on the 15th of November?  Because that was
last month.

Dave E.

On 2014/12/20 9:48, Keith Bawden wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm leaving Japan on the 15th of November and am giving away most of our stuff.

Possibly of interest to this group. I have an assortment of hard disks
ranging from 20GB through 500GB, some enclosures, a UPS and other tech
knick knacks. I also have some books:

We are not asking for money we simply want to give as much away as we
can. We do have a friend who owns a second hand shop that will take
the rest off our hands.

It is short notice but anyone is welcome to drop by this Sunday to
pick up what ever we have to give away. If this Sunday is not doable
then give me a call and I will try to schedule time for you to drop

Reply to this email (minus everyone else) and let me know if you are
interested in dropping by.

Regards, Keith

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