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Re: [tlug] Trackball [Re: Happy hacking keyboard]

rost52 writes:

 > Kensington Expert Mouse - I use this type of device since the mid
 > 1990s; currently still on my XP machine. But I want to set up my
 > Thinkpad x240 with Linux Antergos or Linux Mint Debian.
 > How can I get my Kensington Expert Mouse running under Linux?

Do you have a problem with it?  Or are you asking in advance of trying

If it needs a special driver available only under Windows, good luck;
you need to hope somebody's asked Kensington or reverse engineered it.
But most hardware uses the standard protocols (one reason for using
Logitech).  I'd say try it and see what happens.

If you have tried it and it doesn't seem to be recognized, grep
/var/log/dmesg for "mouse".

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