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Re: [tlug] Trackball [Re: Happy hacking keyboard]

I used a Cordless Optical Trackman by Logitech and was quite happy with it. The ball is under the fingers and there's a mouse-like scroll wheel right next to it where you can easily hit it with your index finger. The overall shape is such that it's only really usable with the right hand. These days I'm using a Touchpad T650, also from Logitech. It has most of the same advantages as a trackball (stays in one place, doesn't require a lot of space to move around) but everything like scrolling, pointing, zooming, etc is done with finger gestures. It's like a larger version of the trackpads you see on laptops. Not everyone's preference, I realize, but I'm quite happy with it and have already picked up a spare just in case.

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 2:45 PM, Nicolas Limare <> wrote:
Since we're talking keyboards[1], it's probably the good moment for
questions about other input devices too.

I've been using a trackball (Logitech Cordless Optical) for 5 years
now. It took me a few days at the beginning to adapt, get a good
feeling of where the vertical/horizontal are, and grow some muscles on
the back of the hand, but now I really prefer that than a mouse
* I can operate it with my wrist resting on the desk and only moving
  the fingers; this puts less stress on my wrist and hand than a
* always at the exact same place on my desk, my hand finds it
  instantly, and it needs no free space around
* very precise for small pointer movements, and it can do large and
  fast movements as well by pushing the ball in one direction, letting
  it roll, and stopping it at the destination.

But my trackball is damaged and I want to buy a new one, so here are
my questions. Do you TLUGers have some experience or advice with these
devices? Which position do you prefer, ball under the thumb or
forefinger? Did you try a scroll ring? Which brand is crap, which is


[1] Mine is a Typematrix and I like it so much I bring it with me when
I go abroad for work. No I can't help feeling that any other keyboard,
without a straight typematrix-like layout, is very, very uncomfortable.

Nicolas LIMARE                         pgp:0xFA423F4F

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