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[tlug] Japanese input and Linux Mint

Since I've been more and more ready to abandon Ubuntu
lately, I read with interest Charlie discussing his struggles
with Japanese input on Linux Mint and his subsequent 
decision to just go back to kubuntu.

My input needs were not quite so specific, and Mint has
worked out rather well. I am giving up on Ubuntu as I
can't stomach Unity.

I first tried Linux Mint "Mate" as it is supposedly based on
Gnome 2. No way, no how could I get any type of input to
actually work: ibus, scim, uim, all tried with anthy and 
ibus tried with mozc. I beat my head against it for a couple 
days and finally gave up. At one point I had scim/anthy
almost working. Everything seemed normal except it
would not change to Japanese input, regardless of key
bindings, reboots, etc. (I saved the results of the "locale"
output if anyone is interested.) Probably a Linux geek
would have typed a command into a terminal and 
solved the problems.

So I decided to try Debian. It won't install on my system.
Tried it with a DVD download, English install, partition
formatted during install. Halfway through loading the base
system, it cdn't install a file and quit. So I get the network
CD and try again, this time a network-enabled install with
Japanese install, and let it also format the partition first. 
Exactly the same result, choking on exactly the same file. 
Don't remember which, just that it had a "force-quit" at the 
end of the file name, which obviously doesn't like something
about my system.

Then I saw Steve S.'s message in the TPC archives and
decided to try again, this time with Linux Mint "Cinnamon"
based on Gnome 3 that Steve recommended for Jpse input. 
Works like a charm. I like it. Japanese input installed easily 
and worked out of the gate. So, until Mint starts down the 
let's-make-this-distro-into-something-quite-different path 
that Ubuntu went down, it will likely remain my system of choice.

--Ralph S.

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