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Re: [tlug] Combining calendars?

On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 9:09 PM, Shmuel Fomberg wrote:
Hi All.

A friend of mine need to combine calendars from several sources (all publishing ical links) to a single calendar that he can show / share.

Google Calendar let you import external calendars to your account, and can show then together, but you can't export them together, only individually.

Before I start writing code, is there any service that can do that for me?

For share / show, I mean as embedding to a website, and / or having a page

sorry, accidentally sent in the middle of the last sentence.

Anyway, and / or having a page that I can redirect people to.
Hack, if it exports ical then I can export it to google calender and share from there.



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