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Re: [tlug] linuxdevices for display on a tv

Hallo Christian!

On 10/05/2013 06:22 AM, Christian Horn wrote:
> I am looking for advice, considering the following requirements:
> - I want to control the device myself, install and run Linux etc.
> - HDMI output should be provided, including audio
> Any ideas, maybe someone having found a good solution for similiar 
> requirements?

On a "ThinkPad"? Our best best would be a proprietary driver missing
somewhere, unfortunetly.

I know on ATI/AMD hardware, you must install AMD's proprietary video
driver for audio through HDMI to work.

Are you using "NVIDIA"?

                SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. ~ / # +55-21-7894-7272 [@GMT-3]

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