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Re: [tlug] Sounds of Silence

On 07/31/2013 03:27 AM, Christian Horn wrote:
I use 'pavucontrol' as mixer for pulseaudio, it seems to be installed on kubuntu too. This will help to show the available output sources and whether output is reaching pulseaudio or not. Christian
I had looked into pavucontrol earlier in the week but got sidetracked with someone else's suggestion and forgot to go back and install it. Short attention span, I guess, but I now have it installed and am playing around with it.

I think I have the desktop sound where I want it to be and I also have the webcam behaving. I am embarrassed to say that it took me four or five tries before I realized that I couldn't share the cam / mike / headset devices between Kubuntu and VirtualBox WIN 7. I had to give it to one or the other or both turned their drivers off. Now that it's assigned specifically to Kubuntu, everything seems to be staying in place.

Now, here comes the Fun Stuff ...

- I want to be able to have my speakers configured to output all of my regular desktop stuff -- watch online video reports from CNN, BBC, and Gizmag, plus occasional YouTube silliness that gets forwarded to me by friends of lesser intellectual fortitude. This part's the easy one.

- I want to be able to configure Skype to use my new camera (it can) and the headset + mike (CM108 chip device). Right now, Skype works with the headset, but it is also outputting to my speakers. I want the headset + mike setup for a couple of very serious privacy reasons; the main one being that my work involves contacts with people who are paranoid about being overheard for a number of business and legal reasons.

At the present time, I am using a Sempron-powered HP t5730w Thin Client running XP. It is connected to a Pioneer TF-FS55M-s Skype cordless handset / base station and a Logitech AF Orbit camera. Microsoft's takeover of Skype added complexity to the program that wasn't there before and the Sempron processor is just not up to the task. Also, since the handset is a hand held, it tends to slip out from between my ear and shoulder and drop at odd times. Since the advent of Bluetooth headsets for the masses, clients have become a whole lot less forgiving of the bangs of a handset on hard surfaces. Hence, the desire to switch.

I am able to assign specific hardware to specific programs. Kubuntu seems to lack the ability to identify hardware items that can be captured and piped to a specific location for the exclusive use of a particular piece of hardware. I am looking for some fix that will allow that, but I haven't found any driver that causes the headset to pop up separately from PulseAudio, which only seems to have a single config set of options -- e.g. either I get my Skype from the speakers or I get my steaming audio from the headset ... but not both.

Kubuntu Forums searches seem to be running me in circles with no solution, but I may be missing something. Anyone configured something similar to what I need?


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