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Re: [tlug] Recommendation for router with range

I joined the list recently, so I don't have all the background information on the problem. I apologise if I ask anything which has already been answered.

Have you considered replacing the antennas or putting extensions on your current ones? If the antennas are already external it's a trivial thing to do, just buy Wi-Fi coaxial extension cords for pocket change and have the antennas spread out over a larger area. If the antennas are internal it's still quite easy, since the small antennas on the inside are connected to the main board with standard Hirose U.FL connectors (unless it's a very cheap unit). All which is needed then is a pigtail adapter from Hirose U.FL to RP-SMA, which is the connector commonly used for external Wi-Fi antennas, and then proceed as above.

Antennas, pigtail adapters, and coaxial cable are all a few dollars each on eBay.

On 29 June 2013 14:55, Darren Cook <> wrote:
>> Maybe it broadcasts up and out, but not down?  Try turning it on its side
>> and see what happens with the signal in the room under it.
> This will change the polarizaiton of the antenna, so you'll want to make
> sure you turn all your other devices using that access point on their
> sides, too. :-)

Do antennas have polarization, or was that a joke?
The router is on the floor, so often knocked on to its side, and often
straightened up again. Never noticed any change in any room (but never
tested it systematically...)

I did think to experiment with moving it around a bit; I imagine it is
just a metal girder blocking the signal, so moving it just 1m might make
a difference.


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