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[tlug] shopping for a 7" tablet; non-Android linux on tablets...


I have been toying with the idea of getting a tablet for home and/or
travel for some time. I recently got (not-yet-rooted) Android phone
for work and I am not impressed, although it is OK to delete the spam
(or almost) from my gmail, read some RSS in the train and occasionally
check up some map or website/price/spec.

The other day I won iPad mini out of the blue which was properly
bought with a gift receipt and so I dully returned it to the other
church (they call it the Apple store) and got money back after some

I think that a 1280x800 7" display will do it (while waiting for A3
size / 4K to be available).
And the obvious choice is Nexus 7. Actually there seems to be a better
choice: iRiver ITQ701 (has uSD card slot). Anything else?

Does anyone here have experience installing non-Android linux on such
tablet? Anyone bringing such a beast this Saturday?


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