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Re: [tlug] Dust busters?

Another thing to be careful about with compressed air; it is usually humid, even spits water sometimes depending on the compressor and filters being used. I'd recommend removing batteries, and letting it dry for a while to be sure before connecting batteries back again. Only compressors in electronics repair shops,..have precaution for this. Also should take care when the board is open, it might be able to tear off some little components depending on the pressure and distance.

Furkan Mustafa

On 2013/05/23, at 8:50, Darren Cook <> wrote:

> Thanks for all the advice; I'd not thought about taking out hard drives
> and making sure fans don't spin, before either sucking or blowing.
> This review and its comments (from the link Shaun gave), also warn about
> static electricity from using a vacumn and recommend the compressed air:
> On 2013-05-23 06:16, Lyle H Saxon wrote:
>> ...worsened again not long after that.  At this point I did some extensive
>> Google searches for that model (HP Pavilion DV-6700), and it appears to be
>> a very common problem.  At that point, I advised my friend to trash the
>> d**n thing and just get a new computer.  He did, and the problem is solved.
>> (It was about four years old and out of warranty.) ...
>> the aggravation and wasted time spent fighting an inherently bad
>> hardware design should be weighed against the possibility of buying
>> a new laptop.
> My searches on Dell notebooks suggested lumps of dust was the prime
> cause of these shutdowns. There were some cynical comments that it is by
> design: the dust doesn't build up in the first year while it is still
> under guarantee, but after about 18 months it starts dying, so people go
> and buy a new notebook.
> Gold-level Conspiracy Theory: Perhaps Dell and HP conspire on this, as
> many people will flip-flop between those two brands. I bet Microsoft is
> involved too, to force people to upgrade Windows more often. ;-)
> Anyway, at this point I smiled smugly, as I paid extra for the 4 year
> guarantee, thereby beating the system! But this is still my main
> machine; I don't really want to send it away for repairs until I've
> bought its replacement. I'd like to limp along for six more months if I
> could. So, maybe the system beat me after all.
> Darren
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