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Re: [tlug] SIP Provider

2013年 4月 9日(火)9:15 am に Jason Frisch さんは書きました:
> We use fusion too (as does skype!) but they only give out
> 0120 or 050 number afaik. The do allow for asterisk connections
> though which is pretty radical for Japan!

It's a bit more complicated than that. They only support their
own subset of SIP, and you need a patch for Asterisk to work
with that (although it may work without the patch as well).
The latest patch is for an outdated version of 1.8. They
also require that you rent a static IP from GOL to use it.

They also have a new B2BUA service, which allows for
connecting any version of Asterisk through their gateway.
If you use it, you can also get your 050 number mapped to
a Tokyo 03* number, for a price of course.

More info:

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