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[tlug] JOB: Sysadmin opening near Kojimachi

My company has a sysadmin and a network admin position to fill, so if
there is anyone who might be interested, please drop me a line. You can
also ping me on LinkedIn, or better, try the CCed Gmail address to get a
quick response.

The sysadmin position is about taking care of a few hundred Linux
servers (mostly CentOS) and desktops (about half of them Windows).
There is lots of scripting, and the occasional physical work involved.
Familiarity with Git and Puppet would be extremely useful to get started
quickly, though not mandatory. We are looking for someone who likes to
poke around Linux systems for fun and wouldn't mind doing it full time.

The network admin position may not be of much interest to this list, but
if you have experience with network equipment and a good understanding
of the network protocols, feel free to ping me offline, too.

The office is near Kojimachi (not far from the last TLUG technical
meeting), so if you are a bit uncertain and happen to be in the area, I
would be happy to tell you more over lunch.

(    Georgi Georgiev   (  Disclaimer: "These opinions are my own,    (
 ) -------------------  ) though for a small fee they be yours too."  )
(  ------------------- (  -- Dave Haynie                             (

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