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Re: [tlug] Resources for learning Haskell

How about Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!



On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 2:05 AM, Josh Glover <> wrote:
> This message is addressed to TLUG but aimed at Curt. :)
> I finally have made time to learn Haskell. I have a good background in
> functional programming via Scheme, Clojure, and Scala (which, as Curt
> noted, has many things stolen from^W^W in common with Haskell), and a
> copy of "Real World Haskell" and the "Thinking Functionally with
> Haskell" series of articles from the PragPub magazine.
> I know that the best way to learn a programming language is by doing,
> but I've found the way that works best for me is reading then doing. I
> like to read "The Foo Programming Language" first, to wrap my head
> around the ideas behind the language, then attack some real worldish
> problems to force me to really learn the language.
> So, my question is a two-parter:
> 1. Other than the reading materials noted above, what is the bible on
> the Haskell programming language?
> 2. Any suggestions for some programming problems I can tackle to get
> my head into Haskell?
> Cheers,
> Josh
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Kiwamu Okabe

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