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Re: [tlug] Plug

On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 08:52:36AM +0100, Bruno Raoult wrote:
> - small
> - 2 ethernet ports
> - wifi
> - low price
> - silent
> - reliable
> - pluggable on 100-240V
> - SD card slot for system/apps
> - as I wrote before, Linux-compatible (for instance to change the system)
> I did find some (Dreamplug, Sheeva, etc...), but I am quite sure you could
> have better ones over
> there in Japan!

I'm extremely tempted by these

Note that Dreamplug doesn't allow changing the internal SD card without
opening the case and voiding the warranty. Also writing to that microSD
is painfully slow. And last I'm annoyed by the fact that my boot
partition has to be fat32.

If you can live with 1 ethernet port I have nearly unused (booted twice)
D2Plug to sell for cheap. Please contact me privately if you (or anybody
else) are interested.


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