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Re: [tlug] (New to Tokyo) Where to find server/network equipment in Akihabara or anywhere within Tokyo?

I have found Yahoo auction to be a good place to buy cheap equipment
such as switches and routers. A quick search for rails brought up
quite a few options:

You will probably need some Japanese skills though to buy that way.

Also, a number of the data centers I did work in when I was in Japan
had bits and pieces lying around and were more than happy to "lend"
them (very useful if you have travelled a long way and forgotten

On 19 September 2012 19:12, Ross Cavanagh <> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 9:33 AM, JP Loh <> wrote:
>> Konichiwa!
>> I'm new to Tokyo. We're looking for server and network equipment for our
>> rack in a Tokyo DC. Right now, we're specifically looking for mounting rack
>> rails. My colleagues and I asked in Aisan but they don't sell it there. Is
>> there a store in Akihabara dedicated to server/datacenter equipment? Would
>> it be more logical for us to check Amazon?
>> Apologies for the off-topic question. FWIW, I saw the Linux Cafe at
>> Akihabara and enjoying Tokyo so far.
>> Thanks,
>> JP
> FYI - I have this lying around at home gathering dust if you want to help
> take it off my hands -->
> I have the rails for it. Also HP KVM + the 1U Keyboard / Mouse
> Also a few spare parts for C7000 blade enclosure too.
> --
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