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[tlug] [OT] Ubuntu release name pattern and Japanese prime ministers

Nicolas Limare writes:

 > 06.09 Aberrant Abe
 > 07.09 Frail Fukuda
 > 08.09 Arrogant Aso
 > 09.09 Halfhearted Hatoyama
 > 10.06 Kaput Kan
 > 11.09 Numb Noda
 > 12.08 Who's next?

O-shikko Ozawa, no doubt, in honor of what he's been doing to Japanese
politics, and the Japanese people, for 3 decades or more (cf. the
album cover).

BTW, I'd take issue with some of your adjectives.  IMO, Kan and Noda
have done a pretty damn good job considering what they had to work
with.  OTOH, I'd choose a different part of the body for Hatoyama.


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