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[tlug] Doing kanji and stuff in email headers

I'm looking for help with email (calling the mail() function in php): meta-help would help too, along the lines of "This is where to ask that question..."

I'm trying to clean up the confirmation emails I send to customers from my shop software, so that Chinese names (etc etc) get through properly. For the longest time I've just been sending utf8 text, which *my* mail reader shows correctly, but of course being against the rules (AIUI) some customers come back concerned that their addresses have been mangled.

So I added a header: Content-type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

That should take care of the body, but then I get names in the to: header, which I need to escape. I found a recipe:

Name in to header: '=?UTF-8?B?'.base64_encode($name).'?='

But I'm concerned that if I do this where it isn't necessary, some "spam filter" will not like it; so I wonder

o What's the neatest way to decide if it's necessary? OR
o Can I after all just use UTF-8 because it's ok nowadays?

Grateful for any suggestions, hints, and things.
Brian Chandler

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