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[tlug] Linux geek for NZ visiting tokyo

Hi fellow Linux users in Tokyo,

I am a Linux geek from New Zealand, heading over to Tokyo for
about a week in early September.   Was wondering if the might be a TLUG 
meeting on that I could attend and meet some TLUG people.   I've been working
with Linux professionally for around 10 years and organise the Auckland Linux 
users group here in New Zealand.  

I only speak English, but am keen to meet people and I am friendly and easy 
going.   I am also interested in any Linux or other related interesting events 
that might be on around September 4 - September 12. 

If the is a TLUG meeting, I would be happy to present on a technical topic, if 
that is of interest.  Recently I've been doing a lot of work with Puppet and 
RHN Satellite integration for a large mobile phone company in New Zealand.

Glen Ogilvie
New Zealand.

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