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[tlug] Newton's Fourth Law

Not Linux related but completely Linux related. The following was excerpted from a post by a programmer who also rides motorcycles. Perhaps a C&C warning is in order:

Ok, so competent motorcyclists know Newton's three laws of motion.
Objects at rest stay at rest - objects in motion stay in motion unless acted
upon by by an outside force.
> Check.
Acceleration of a moving body is proportional to that outside force applied,
and inversely proportional to that mass of the moving body. No Problem.

When two bodies interact with each other, action and reaction forces are
equal in magnitude, but act in opposite directions. Piece-a-cake. Nyet
But most motorcyclists don't know that, like most true geeks, Newton wasn't
much on writing documentation.     Newton had a few other laws, but they
only got written down on napkins from Chipotle, and we all know what happens
to those.
Newton's unknown fourth law goes something like this. The amount of stuff
which works in the universe, and the amount of stuff with 'out-of-order'
signs hung on it, totals to a constant. If you fix something, something else
in the universe will break so that its still totals that constant. People
love slogans, so the easy way to think of this is 'The conservation of

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