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Re: [tlug] Photo organizers


* Lyle H Saxon <> [120705 10:24]:
> Incidentally, I have a question - can someone recommend a good way to
> batch-rename files?  (The file names generated by cameras are usually
> meaningless beyond being chronological, and sometimes they're not even
> chronological with a large batch!)

My favourite tool for this is exiv2. Generally I use it to rename
files based on their exif timestamp, but it can also do nice things
like apply offsets and adjust the file timestamp. From my notes:

Nice program to modify exif data and filetime stamps exiv2

EG. If camera clock was still on Japan time, but photos were taken in
Regina which is 15 hours behind. We want to change the exif time
stamps to be in Regina local time.

exiv2 ad -a -15:00:00 *.JPG

For example some file timestamps may show the time that the photo was
rotated. To set the timestamp to what is in the exif data do:

exiv2 -T *.jpg

To change the filename and file timestamp to represent the exif

exiv2 -t *.jpg



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