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Re: [tlug] Photo organizers

2012年 7月 5日(木)7:44 am に David J Iannucci さんは書きました:
> Does anyone have any thoughts on Shotwell vs. Picasa vs. F-Spot vs.
> digikam vs. ???

AFAIK, Picasa for Linux has been discontinued. F-Spot couldn't really
handle directories with a lot of pictures, and it tries to copy stuff to
its own directory by default. I haven't tried it for a while, maybe it got
better, but last time I did it wasn't too usable. I have never used
Shotwell, so I can't comment on that.

digikam has worked pretty well for me -- it has support for photos on
network shares, (some) support for a shared database, so you could use it
on multiple machines. Tagging, searching and duplicate handling work
pretty well. Export to FB, Picasa and Flicker is also usable. Never used
any of the fancier features really, but it does the job.

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