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[tlug] System Administrator for Gilt

Hey guys,

it's that time of the year again and Gilt Groupe here in Ginza is
looking for a capable Unix (Ubuntu Linux, preferably) system

We are running our little (???) fashion e-commerce site on around 30
physical boxes (around 150 virtual boxes using Linux containers)
hosted in our datacentre in Ariake. It's all working on Ubuntu 10.04
(planning for a 12.04 upgrade across the board this year) and we're
primarily running applications written in Java and Ruby.

The network infrastructure is entirely Cisco based, so any knowledge
of IOS will be very welcome.

Here is an introduction to who we are or
you can visit for more information regarding our
parent company in the US (although we're almost entirely decoupled
from them from a technology point of view).

Let me know (off-list) if you or anyone you know might be interested.


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