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Re: [tlug] Stupid mistake?"

> Well, now that she's been using it about a month, all of a sudden, the
> machine won't power up. There's just a soft, falling whine (like a HDD
> spinning down), and then blackness. Not even a post screen. 

Sounds like the power supply; I had the same symptoms on my home server.
Dec 30th: burning a DVD for my end-of-year back-ups and the whole system
died. Praise Be for Bic Camera opening on Dec 31st!

Fitting a new power supply was at the limits of my ability; getting the
old one out (without damaging the motherboard!) was harder than fitting
the new one.

> told me this, I suddenly realized that I hadn't thought she might need a
> voltage converter. I'm so used to the idea that electrical things just
> pretty much work between US and Japan.... never occurred to me :-(

I would have thought you would have been okay. However when shopping I
did notice the power supplies were stressing they were designed for
Japanese voltage.

> If this is the right diagnosis, has there
> possibly been damage to internal peripherals?

In my case everything was fine. I got a repairing journal message, and
that was it.


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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