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[tlug] System/Network Engineer student seeking an internship in Japan

Hello everybody,

I am not sure I should post that kind of message here but I was hoping the Linux community in Tokyo could maybe help me. I am desperately looking for a 6 months internship in the region of Tokyo starting in February 2012.

About myself:

I am a dynamic and enthusiastic 23 year old French man. I’m passionate about IT, networking and open software since I’m twelve. My main hobby is traveling, I love to meet new people and share with them different ways of thinking and culture.

I am currently studying IT Management at EXIA-Cesi Engineering School located in France. In order to graduate with my IT Manager degree, I am required to carry out an end-of-course internship which should start around 13th February 2012 for a 6 month period and which could lead to full time employment. I am mostly interested in system and network engineering.

Since the age of fourteen, I have acquired a lot of experience using Linux system (especially in a hosting environment). I have scripting knowledge using Bash and PHP, and as I’m often doing computer programing I can easily learn a new language. I also have deep knowledge in networking (switching, routing and security) using Linux, FreeBSD, or with hardware-based system such as Cisco, Alcatel or Juniper. In addition to my extensive technical knowledge, I have acquired experience in project management and I'm currently studying the standards designed by the Project Management Institute.

In 2009/2010 I spent 7 months in Japan. I have truly enjoyed my working and living experience there. I would like to achieve my dream: working in Japan and developing my skills in the field of IT as well as learning Japanese and discovering more of the Japanese culture.

My resume is available here:

I can get a visa easily applying at the French Japanese embassy (long-term visa for internship purpose).

I would be pleased to consider any position you may be able to offer.



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