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Re: [tlug] I'm moving to new apartment

Hi Bui,

I've had to deal with this many times so maybe this advice will help.

Perhaps someone on this list will prove me wrong, but it is hard to
get someone who will be your 保証人.  They are essentially responsible
for anything that can go wrong; so, quite frankly, I'm not sure if
paying for the next drink actually covers it.  :-)

I've had a case where my employer did not want to be one; which was
embarassing to say to the rental agency.

Fortunately, I have solved this problem by using a a proxy company
(保証人 [XX] 会社).  The XX was "dairi" if I remember correctly, but I
don't remember the kanji and a search on google seems that it is
"daiko" (代行).  Basically, a company that charges you some amount per
year to act as your guarantor.  Quite frankly, I don't think
foreigners are the only ones that have this problem; perhaps some
Japanese parents don't trust their kids.  :-)  In any case, there are
companies that do this.

In one case, I wanted this apartment and was at the rental agency
twice already.  My employer refused to be my guarantor and I went
there to tell them that.  I got up to leave and then the agent said,
"oh, maybe you can use a proxy company".  Huh???  He took out a form
from under his desk and asked me to fill it.  Apparently, the proxy
company is associated with my rental agency.  It is obvious that they
would have preferred a guarantor, but when given the possibility of me
leaving, he pulled out the form...

As far as I know, it is the landlord's call on whether they will
accept a tenant who is using a proxy company -- not just the rental
agency's.  Your chances of the landlord saying "yes" goes up if the
demand for the apartment is low.  If the landlord has many people
lined up for it, well, he'll pick the tenant with a guarantor...

It isn't so hard.  Ask your agency if the apartments you are looking
at will accept a proxy company.  If they say "no", then try another
rental agency...

Even if you use a proxy company, they may want a contact person
(連絡先)...that isn't a guarantor and most people will say "yes" to

Hope this helps!


PS:  I don't remember how much it cost but it wasn't substantial
compared to the rent.  I can dig through my papers to find it, but I
vaguely remember it was about the same as fire insurance...

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 6:31 PM, Bui Xuan Dung <> wrote:
> Hi TLUG, I'm Bui.
> I know it doesn't sound right to ask this question to mailing list but...anyway.
> I need to sign contract for new apartment and they require me 保証人 who is Japanese.
> Well, I don't know how to say thanks to whoever help me out of this...uhm, next TLUG nomikai will be on me then? :)
> Please send me an email asap because I have to tell the agency by this Monday.
> Thanks ! Have a nice weekend
> Bui
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