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[tlug] perl/curses/utf8

s smith writes:

 > Does anyone on the list use perl curses in utf8.  I can't seem to get 
 > even printw to work and can't find anything on the web indicating it's 
 > possible.

Why not just use print to an appropriate terminal (Ie, one that groks
UTF-8)?  That's the whole point of UTF-8 -- an 8-bit clean application
will just DTRT.  At least in the standard C library, printw is for
widechars, ie, UTF-16 or UTF-32.  But Perl's Unicode support is
internally an extension of UTF-8 AFAIK, so `printw' in Perl doesn't
make much sense to me.  (But then, not much in Perl does make sense to
me, I'd rather read raw modem traffic. :-)

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