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Re: [tlug] MeeGo? Netvertibles?

2011/6/23 Josh Glover <>:

> Windows Mobile is entering a market with two strong competitors, and
> offers nothing exponentially better. Hence the pessimism.

Tycho from Penny Arcade has the same take[1], though he makes it more amusing:

"In the case of the Windows Phone, it’s not even an alleyway: it’s a
cul-de sac. It wouldn’t matter if it were excellent. The hour is late.
This is 2011, and they’ve brought a cellphone to a knife fight.
They’ve reserved Gaming functionality for their minority device that
should be ubiquitous. That’s what a true hegemon would do: become
indispensable on their competitor’s platforms. I get very, very
confused by this company sometimes."



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