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Re: [tlug] non-login users [solved]

Hector Akamine writes:

 > > GUI login application. Any hint on what I should modify to
 > > prevent this non-login user to appear?

One could in theory google for "gdm man page", which would eventually
get you to the "gdm.conf" page that tells you about the "Exclude"
option of the "Greeter" section of the config file, gdm.conf.

One might also find the gdm Reference manual.  (Which starts out with
the sentence: "GDM was written with simplicity and security in mind."
Both of which seem to be lies, given that it's graphical and themable
and uses lots of external libraries and files. ;-)  Anyway, this also
tells you about the Exclude option as well as MinimalUID, which Fedora
evidently bumps to 500 (from its factory default of 100).

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