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Re: [tlug] [tlug-admin] TLUG meeting/nomikai schedule

On 06/23/2011 09:29 PM, A.Tomita wrote:
> I was reminded today that we didn't announce this month's nomikai
> (it would be tomorrow, the 4th Friday of the month), and it is
> because I wasn't able to organize it this time.
> You may also have noticed that we didn't have a technical meeting 
> this month. We had a conflict in schedule with other events happening
> at Digital Garage, and they weren't able to accommodate us - and 
> we have the same problem next month.
> We are looking for alternative venues for the technical meeting on
> July 9, but if not found we will most likely move the date to July 16
> (when Digital Garage's meeting room will be available).
> As for the nomikai, the next one will be on July 22, followed by
> our annual beer garden meeting on August 26.

Thanks Tomita-san for posting this and sorry for not keeping everyone
updated about where things were.


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