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Re: [tlug] ssh-agent not being magical enough [Josh: C&C for toshiyori]

On 06/06/2011 07:17 PM, Josh Glover wrote:
2011/5/27 Stephen J. Turnbull<>:

The only reason I can think of to *not* use this configuration is if
you share an SSH key with a user actually based on "first" (who's on
first, anyway??), but sharing keys is also normally frowned on.

Yes. Who's on first.

Josh "what's on second?" Glover

"I don't know" is on Third.

PS: An Abbot and Costello reference would ordinarily date you,
Stephen, but that one just identifies you as a baseball fan (if you'd
rather). ;)

C "the fellow playin' first base" L

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