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[tlug] SVG fonts [was ACID tests...]

Hi all,

Sorry -- not trying to purposely bring up an old thread but just
today, I had to mail a letter within Japan and wrote the address in
Japanese.  With my poor kanji skills, I had to go to the
organization's web page to copy their name in kanji.  Of course it was
too small, so I zoomed in -- and that's when I realized it was an
image and the kanji characters became pixelated.  First thing that
came to my mind was, "this would be a good reason to have SVG fonts".

Actually, I don't know if anyone else feels this, but I noticed that
web sites of Japanese organizations tend to create web pages with
images of text rather than having the text as HTML.  I presume they
made it with some fancy Adobe (etc.) program and yes, it does look
nice and colorful.  But if you have my kanji ability and you're trying
to do a copy + paste it into a dictionary look-up field, it's really
annoying!  ;-)


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