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Re: [tlug] Rooting the Android phone rocks! (Also: screw Docomo!)

2010年 11月 22日(月)1:00 pm に Kyle Hasegawa さんは書きました:

> Is it Docomo or HTC (or both)?  Wikipedia states the HTC Magic's OS as
> Android 2.2.1 but I couldn't find any references to confirm that.  If
> HTC did release a Froyo update and Docomo failed to add their changes
> (APNs, IMEs etc.) and push it then I'd be upset with them as well.

Updates are pushed by carriers, so in this case, it's Docomo. 2.2.1 is the
update released by T-Mobile for their MyTouch 3G, not all carries that
have Magics have released updates. AFAIK newer Cyanogenmod versions use
the binary drivers from the official T-Mobile image.

> I'm curious to know if Docomo adds customizations which may be required
> for pake-houdai, MMS etc. which would be missing in Cyanogen.

They use IMEI filtering and there is no way around that. If you use a phone 
they don't sell the max of pakehodai goes up to 10,395 yen (5,985 for DoCoMo
 phones). They've said they are going SIM-free from next year, not sure if 
things with pakehodai will change though.

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