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Re: [tlug] Grub 2?

> > Any warnings or suggestions before I just go ahead and do it?
> Does this help?

Thanks, Wayne. Great link. I also had my LFX (Linux Format) mag's article on
how to add other Linuxes to Grub 2 open and ready, just in case.

I went ahead and installed and was amazed. I didn't need to know all the Grub
intricacies. The new Ubuntu (10.04) did not overwrite my old one, it recognized
all the other Linuxes on my disk (Ubuntu 9.10, SUSE 11.3, and Pardus) and
put them in the boot loader. Finally(!) the Linux bootloader guys don't just defer
to Windoze (which I don't have on this machine anyway).

It also recognized my nVidia card and offered to get and install the proprietary
driver if I wanted it, so I didn't have to go through what you guys helped me
do before when I installed 9.10.

I am still mainly using 9.10 and will keep doing so until I get 10.04 set up the
way I want it and migrate my /home partition over there.

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