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[tlug] Grub 2?

About to take the plunge and install the new Ubuntu 10.04 to see how it
runs on my system. I did download the final pre-release version and run
it from a live CD. It offered to install the proprietary nVidia driver (that
I had so much trouble with in 9.10 and you all kindly helped me out). It
also had sound! I'll be delighted to get that back after the late disastrous
ALSA "update" to my system. (I went out and bought a Wavio SE-200
that I'm going to install today anyway. It is reputed to have excellent
Linux support.)

I've finally got used to Grub and now am not looking forward to getting
used to Grub 2, but will attempt to install 10.04 as an alternative OS to
the 9.10 that I'm using now and hope to run them both on this system, if
I can figure out how to do that with Grub 2. I need to do it that way because
iterations of Ubuntu/Mint/SUSE/etc. other than the Linux 100% magazine
version of Ubuntu have run from live CDs but refused to boot after
installation (except Pardus, which doesn't easily handle Japanese), and
I don't want to lose the one I have that actually boots _and_ handles

Any warnings or suggestions before I just go ahead and do it?


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