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[tlug] [OT] A place to work

Hi -- me again,

I'm going to be in Tokyo in about a month from now, for 3 weeks.  I'll
need to be working my day job during that time, on a laptop.  I know I
won't be able to work properly in my wife's family home, so I need to
find some outside place, with a network available, to do it.

I know I won't do well in coffee shops.  I found Tokyo HackerSpace,
and thought that might be ideal, but I've emailed them several days
ago and not had a response yet, so I'm ready to write them off.  How
about public libraries?  My wife was told by someone that they mostly
have wifi now.

I'm staying in Saitama, but I'd like to have an excuse to go into the
City to work if possible :-)  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad
to hear them.


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