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Re: [tlug] multibyte tr (or i18n coreutils)

Lewske Wada writes:
 > Michal Hajek wrote:
 > > Or is there a way to persuade "tr" to work with utf8 ? 
 > >   
 > I think the best way is to use perl one liner like :
 > $ whoami | perl -pe s/ryu/竜介/g;

Ryu is right about the tool.  At one time, GNU was the highest quality
implementation of most of these utilities, but these days it's
somewhat spotty.  If you need to create maintainable software, I'd say
use Python or Ruby, but for this kind of purpose nothing can touch
Perl.  Especially since (as Kalin points out) it provides a `tr'
command which works on characters.

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