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[tlug] Linux-related open positions

posting on behalf of Geoff - if interested, please reply directly to him:

On 14 Apr 2010 08:07:49 -0400
"Geoff Norman (Next Move)" <> wrote:
> [...] we are a recruitment company based in Tokyo and one of our core areas 
> of focus is on emerging technologies, and a lot of that is focussed on Linux 
> and Opensource software development.
> I am currently recruiting for 2 very urgent positions that I would be very 
> grateful if you would let you members know about as the company will hire 
> immediately [...] For the 2 roles now I am looking for:
> 1) A Linux Systems Admin
> 2) Linux Based support 
> I dont have a formal job description [...] However for the SA role someone
> who is more senior would be suitable, and for the support based position 
> this would offer exceptional training opportunities and and opportunity 
> to work with some of the brightest and most passionate English speaking
> Linux SAs in Tokyo to build up someones skills.

disclaimer: I don't know him in person, and I am summarizing his e-mail
to avoid going too much off-topic (keeping it compliant to TLUG's ML policies).

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