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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu update woes

Darren Cook wrote:
> Which version of Ubuntu? I'm running 8.04 and I see I have 56 updates
> waiting. (And having seen your message they'll wait a bit longer :-)

Hi Darren. The minor updates have never been a problem. This major
one has been a major problem. I've got 9.04 on my system.

> Have you rebooted since the upgrade? If so, try rebooting again but
> choosing the previous kernel.

I rebooted immediately after the upgrade. I didn't notice any problems
at first, but then as I started trying to use things, they didn't work.

> ...reading your post more carefully (about distros being disabled) I
> think my advice is no use - you've gone from one ubuntu version to
> another, and going back is basically not possible. I had the same
> problem when going from 7 to 8.04 [1][2]

I am still logging on to the same 9.04 system. Well, not quite the
same, but the same Ubuntu 9.04 identifier, anyway.

Lewske Wada wrote:
> Your sound card may work with my instructions such as
> adding user to the group of device file :

Thanks for the suggestion, Ryu. I tried the adduser bit, then logged
out and back in again, but still no sound.


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