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Re: [tlug] Presentation on Hypertext and Augmentation

> From: David J Iannucci <>
> Subject: Re: [tlug] Presentation on Hypertext and Augmentation
> To: "Tokyo Linux Users Group" <>
> Date: Friday, April 24, 2009, 5:13 PM
> > By the way, is anybody on this
> list already familiar with or
> > interested in hypertext?
> I'm interested, and if I were on that side of the Pacific,
> I'd look
> forward to hearing it, but... my rhetorical question is: is
> it ok to
> write an outline like that without mentioning Ted Nelson
> or
> Xanadu at all?  Will they be mentioned in the talk?
> :-) :-)
> Dave

lol Dave, I guess you've seen through my outline. Yes, the talk is basically about Ted Nelson's work. In my defence, I and many, many other people feel that hypertext IS Xanadu and Xanadu IS hypertext. I will, of course, be talking about Doug Engelbart's work as well.


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